Kitchen, Bath, & Home Remodeling With Frasure Home Improvements in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Who are we?

We are Frasure Home Improvements, LLC my name is Joe Frasure I am the owner along with my wife, Jackie. Jackie is a children’s minister at covenant church in Grove City and is an avid pickle ball player we hare celebrating our 29th anniversary this November

We have two boys AJ and Brandon Frasure they both graduated from Dublin Jerome High School. Brandon is a junior at Ohio State and AJ graduated from Ohio State and was the I dotter at the Iowa game in 2022

What do we do?

At Frasure Home Improvements, our target jobs are bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling projects, that being said, we also do room additions, and other remodeling work. I like to say “ask us first and if we can’t help you will find somebody that can.”

We are very hands-on and do most of the work in house. We currently have two full-time crews and are looking to add more as work permits.

We are licensed and bonded in the City of Columbus. We are registered and bonded in the cities of Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, Delaware County and Upper Arlington currently.

What do we want to be known for?

We want to be known as a company that you can trust…

You can trust us to do the job right and at a fair price. We are not the cheapest guys to do the work, but I believe we provide the greatest value.

What is our promise?

We promise we will show up on time for our appointments. Or die trying

We promise to honor our commitment to the client every time. Our prices are what they are, and there are no surprises at the end. Change orders, if they occur are clearly spelled out and the terms are agreed to before work begins on the changes.

We promise that even if the work is not in our scope of business, we will help the client find somebody to get the work done for them.